THE Notebook – Hobonichi Techo 2017

The search for the perfect multi-purpose notebook has officially ended, and it was well-ended with a Hobonichi.

The notebook functions as a planner and an art journal at the same time, which makes it more interesting and fun to use. It can be bought on its own or with the cutest covers available at their online store.

Their website provides all the information a shopper needs to know, from product details to special information about the product. They are also pretty upfront with the things you might notice about their products, such as fabric alignment, stitch marks, and all other things that may seem like a defect but are actually there because their products are handmade and handled by workers at the factory and not by automated factory machines.

They also have collaborations with Japanese artists, making their products a work of art that is functional, ultra stylish, and fun! Everything on their web store is just unbelievably cute and pretty, and sometimes, quirky too! Definitely not the usual designs.

Ordering online is a breeze and they also ship internationally. Here is the list of the countries they deliver to, including specific delivery information in the areas covered in the shipping list, as well as the turnaround time.

Overall, the Hobonichi is a wonderful product that is easy and fun to use. It is definitely worth the price and delivery is fast. Their designs reflect the value they put in craftsmanship and the careful planning they make in putting their products together. And although the price point may be slightly high compared to other popular planners, it is definitely worth every bit of that money spent and gives a planner addict the illusive, intangble reward that is planner peace.

PS: If you wish to see last year’s editions, you may visit their newly launched Archive Store.

My Shopping Cart

Note: The items reviewed here are purchased with my own money and in no way written under a contract with any of the brand name/s mentioned here. 
Image Sources:
iida  Umbrella Scramble
Pineapple Yellow 2017 A6 Cover

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