Current Special: Notebooks

There is something therapeutic about writing, painting, or drawing. Doodling, included. Thus, the hunt for the perfect notebook began in 2014, at a time that I found it necessary to document the first two years of my first child’s life and write down memorable things that happened on each day. The notebook will be given to him at a later time – perhaps after graduation or by the time he moves out or relocates. Like letters from the past, to the future.

Why write and not type?

I have lived on both times where writing was everything one did all day: writing reports, making a list, taking down notes, writing love letters, journaling, drawing — pretty much anything that can be done digitally today was done with pen and paper back then. BACK then. Hence, the reason to go back to writing using the traditional tools, like pen and paper.

And there is something profound in connecting a reader to the writer through the handwriting. When you see someone’s handwriting, you imagine them, holding the pen, sitting on a desk or huddled on a couch, writing the very same words you’re reading at the moment. It’s like going back in time, when things were done a certain way, and said a certain way. A nice form of traveling, if you ask me.


The Notebooks
*See what I did there?*

Ben Cab

Type: Spiral Notebook
Size: A5

Made In:
notebook – Philippines

Filipino National Artist Ben Cabrera collaborated with pioneer bookstore National Bookstore and launched an amazing collection of different paper products bearing his art work on the covers. The collaboration was called BenCabxNationalBookstore and it was to celebrate his 50th year as a visual artist. This, however, was sold at selected branches and for a limited time only.


Image Source: BenCab Museum Facebook Page



Type: leather notebook cover + inserts/refills
Size: Big and Mini

Made In:
leather cover – Philippines
inserts/refills – Philippines

Here’s a locally made traveler’s notebook in big and mini sizes. They offer fresh new shades in pastel and candy colors. They can be ordered online or through authorized resellers. They also sell during pop up store events, so be in the look out for their schedule.

Here, below, is what the Mini Kislap looks like. It is smaller than a regular TN but bigger than the passport size.

Image Source: 15179042_1122592347790190_7524358095378978007_n.jpg


Traveler’s Notebook – Midori

Type: leather notebook cover + inserts/refills
Size: Regular and Passport

Made In:
leather cover – Thailand
inserts/refills – Japan

Japanese products are given high regard because of the craftsmanship – functionality blended with aesthetics. They make products that are well thought of and well designed. As a result, they produce useful items that are not only easy to use but look pretty as well. This is true with the highly regarded, much loved Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

Here’s how the packaging looks like and what’s inside. Items in a package are the same, and the only thing that changes is the color of the leather cover. The image below, for example, shows a leather cover in Black. This package is also the Regular Size.

Image Source:

Quest Journal by Viviamo!

Here is another local brand which was made popular by their Belle du Jour planners. Years later, their products have grown and now offer a selection of planners, organizers, and travel journals, too.

The Quest Journal comes with free inserts and a card case to boot. They come in four different shades and offer four different types of inserts too: blank, grid, dotted, and lined.


Image Source: Quest-Journal.jpg

Separate entries will be posted for each of the notebooks shown here. There will also be another entry for size comparison which will also include links to their online stores, so check back soon!


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