THE Notebook – Hobonichi Techo 2017

The search for the perfect multi-purpose notebook has officially ended, and it was well-ended with a Hobonichi.


Toe to Toe: A6 Hobonichi | A6 Stalogy

What is it with paper that makes us fall in love with it over and over despite the myriad choices of note taking devices available today? No matter how efficient that phone or tablet is, one can’t help but continue their love affair with the good old pen and paper system – say for example, planners. Planners have…

Watercolor Basics

Here’s a good video of basic watercolor painting. Easy to follow and relaxing to watch. Enjoy!   Source: Wonder Forest

Number 1

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Current Special: Notebooks

When you see someone’s handwriting, you imagine them, holding the pen, sitting on a desk or huddled on a couch, writing the very same words you’re reading at the moment.